Spend up to 80% less time on support requests

Spoke modernizes the help desk with flexible software featuring the stuff you need, while humanizing the ticketing experience across your company. You resolve requests faster and your coworkers get help using their favorite tools, like Slack.

Made for humans

Filing a ticket shouldn’t be an issue. Whether they’re looking for a quick answer or filing a service request, Spoke lets employees ask for things naturally — wherever they may be. Whether by Slack, email, or even SMS, starting a new request is as simple as sending a message.

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Know your coworkers

Know about the person making the request with user profiles that show managers, departments, start dates, and more. Spoke also has multiple HRIS integrations so importing or syncing this information is simple and easy.

Get all the info you need without email ping pong

Don’t get stuck with back-and-forth emails for service requests like new hardware. Spoke’s A.I. knows which questions need a simple answer and those that need more information before you can get started. It follows-up with the right questions, from our templates or ones you’ve defined, so you don’t have to.

Metrics your way

Get the data most important for your business. Start with key help desk metrics across all requests, whether they’re taken care of by Spoke’s A.I. or a team member. Dive in deeper by exporting detailed ticket data anytime.

The best Slack experience of its kind

It’s smooth, conversational, and allows everyone to use Spoke without leaving the comfort of Slack. Team members stay in the loop with rich notifications and coworkers get a friendly new A.I. work buddy—ready to help them at a moment’s notice.

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From “Tier 1” to “Tier None”

Tired of sending out the same video conference instructions time and time again? Spoke answers simple questions on its own, resolving up to 50% of requests automatically. And best of all, it gets better at answering questions over time, while you use it.

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“StockX grew exponentially, and had to handle team members’ requests efficiently. Spoke’s ticketing system was a home run. It required minimal setup and worked with our existing systems. Spoke had knowledge base features built in. In months, Spoke was auto-closing 35% of our tickets. Spoke spent time to build the relationship, and found new ways to meet our needs.”

TJ Swoveland, System Administrator

We work with all your tools

Spoke features SSO support so giving access to the company is both safe and convenient. It’s also easily extended with our Zapier and REST API.

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Get fewer interruptions and happier, more productive employees

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StockX's IT, HR, and Ops teams auto-close 35% of all tickets with Spoke


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