Become an HR superstar

Traditional help desks are overly complex and not built to support HR teams. Spoke helps you simplify HR operations like onboarding and recruiting — so your coworkers get the help they need and you get a little more time back in your day.

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Don’t let requests slip through the cracks

Today’s HR professional gets an overwhelming number of requests — over email, Slack, and of course, people just “dropping by.”

Spoke gathers requests from all of those places and organizes them into a single, simple queue, giving you the peace of mind to focus and get more done.

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Never answer the same question twice

What if you didn’t have to answer repetitive questions about payroll, benefits, and policies? Spoke can resolve up to 50% of requests on its own using its self-service A.I..

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Spoke will also identify workflow-based requests and automatically send follow-up questions, so you have all the details you need, when you need them.

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People matter

Spoke puts employee information at your fingertips with directory information and HRIS integrations. Get context about who and where people are without having to switch apps or break flow.

“It’s been so easy to bring Spoke into our routine. It’s really intuitive and has helped us conquer the issue of people not knowing where to go for what. And Spoke has given me time back in my day. I’m able to be more productive because I’m not answering those one-off questions.”

Jordan, Office Experience Manager
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We get it — you’re swamped. See why we believe that HR teams stand to gain the most from a ticketing system, and why Spoke is the right one for you.

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