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Turn Slack into a help desk

Spoke was built from the ground up with chat support in mind. With our AI-powered Chatbot in Slack, up to 50% of request are auto-resolved. 

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Get the answers you need

Employees can ask questions and get answers on-demand, using AI that learns over time — whether some quick instructions, a link into your HRIS system, or a simple PDF.

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Easily file requests

Need more than a quick answer? Spoke will walk you through filing a custom request — and automatically help label the type of issue, file it under the right team, and assign it to someone.

Pick up the thread

Get updates on existing requests and post replies directly from Slack using threads.

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Create a request from any message

Use our app action to instantly turn any existing Slack message into a new Spoke request.

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Manage requests on the web

Using Spoke, teams can manage incoming requests, send private notes, and add to the knowledge base.

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Comprehensive internal request management

Integrations with Slack, Google, Confluence, and more

Response rates up to 80% faster

Happier employees!


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