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  • How quickly can the chatbot start answering employee questions?

    Spoke can start answering employee questions over Slack, email, SMS, and the web app within minutes of setting up Spoke.

  • How much training is required to learn how to use Spoke?

    Support teams learn to use Spoke very quickly, as it has the familiar elements of a help desk system—ticketing and knowledge base software—in a design that sets new standards for simplicity and ease-of-use.

    Your employees will take to Spoke right away, as we’ve designed it to be intuitive, handle natural language questions, and work in all the places they already live: chat, email, SMS, and the web.

  • Can I protect the privacy of sensitive employee requests?

    Absolutely! Our privacy controls allow you and your employees to keep sensitive requests hidden from all but the relevant support personnel.

  • Is Spoke for external customer Support?

    Spoke has been designed from the ground up specifically as an internal tool for managing employee requests, so we don’t recommend it for providing external customer support.

  • How does Spoke know how to answer employee questions?

    Spoke responds to employee questions based on your responses to previous questions and on information you’ve added to its knowledge base. We’ve made it really easy to add all kinds of content to Spoke’s knowledge base, including nicely-formatted text, files, links, and Google Docs.

  • What communication channels does Spoke support?

    Currently, Spoke allows you to manage requests received over Slack, email, SMS, and the web. We’re looking into supporting other chat apps like Microsoft Teams in the future.

  • Will you help me set up Spoke and launch it to my organization?

    Yes! Our Customer Success team will provide assistance and best practices that’ll help ensure Spoke’s successful launch and adoption in your organization.

  • Why does Spoke charge per employee instead of per agent?

    Unlike traditional help desk ticketing systems, Spoke gets more valuable as you support more employees. Between improving knowledge-sharing between teams and auto-resolving employee requests using A.I., Spoke improves productivity for both employees and support teams.

“It’s been so easy to bring Spoke into our routine. It’s really intuitive and has helped us conquer the issue of people not knowing where to go for what. And Spoke has given me time back in my day. I’m able to be more productive because I’m not answering those one-off questions.”

Jordan, Office Experience Manager
Charity: Water

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