Our machine learning

askSpoke’s ML requires no training and rapidly learns about your organization to provide on-demand knowledge and support.

Spencer Z
Can I add my baby to my insurance policy?

Filed under HR

Emma B
Where can I see my paystubs?


Lindsay R
Do we have a list of all EMEA stock grants?

Employee stock grants

Chris J
My laptop isn’t working

Request type: Broken Hardware

AI language understanding

Out of the box, askSpoke knows the language around most intents and topics companies encounter. State-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) parses every request and finds the most relevant resolution; deep contextual language models captures the entire meaning of user queries.

No training required

Our natural language understanding (NLU) models are trained on real enterprise requests so they understand user intent without prior context. Feedback is generated in a natural human-in-the-loop process; as you update and resolve requests, you train the system to get better at handling & deflecting requests.

Personalized support

askSpoke passes each user’s profile data (job title, department, location, among others) along with the textual elements of requests into a non-linear model so we can provide the most relevant response to different employees for the same question or need.

Rapid learning

Unlike most AI solutions, askSpoke adapts intelligently for every company by combining general learnings with unique company-specific knowledge & workflows. askSpoke learns instantaneously from your requests and feedback, and gets smarter with every request.

Privacy and Security

While our language models are pre-trained using real requests, data is completely siloed within organizations. We’ve also taken a multi-tiered security and compliance approach in the design of our application and maintain that standard through secure development practices and third-party audits.

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