Employee support.

Give everyone in the company a single place to direct all questions and requests — from benefits information to hardware issues.

askSpoke can answer up to 50% of questions on its own, before they even get to a team member. Whether some quick instructions, a link into your HRIS system, or a simple PDF, askSpoke will find the best answer.

Train as you go

Easily add new resources to the knowledge base within your workflow. Turn your answers into new knowledge base resources with one click. askSpoke will automatically start using that resource for similar questions in the future — saving you time to work on the things that matter.

Learning something new, every day

Whether it’s figuring out the right link to send, what type of request someone is making, or which team it should be filed under, askSpoke fills in the blanks to make your job easier. And with our custom machine learning process, it gets better with every interaction.

Beyond Q&A

Not every request is a simple question. askSpoke will also identify service requests which require a human touch. askSpoke will file them under the right team, assign to a team member, and — if needed — serve up a simple form based on the type of request. All automatically, so you don’t have to.

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Quality. Assured.

askSpoke helps you keep your knowledge base up to date so you can be confident that your content stays high quality. Easily set review dates when adding information and be notified when it’s time to review.

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Ever have trouble finding the right resource when you need it? Us too — See why we believe knowledge search in companies is broken, and how we’re using AI to fix it.

Give your employees easy access to the knowledge and services they need to get their job done.

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