A new take on ticketing

With a simpler, AI-powered interface, askSpoke gives your company a whole new way to make and manage internal requests.

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Fly through your requests

askSpoke makes it faster and easier to organize and respond to whatever comes your way. askSpoke’s thoughtfully designed UI and collaboration features can reduce the amount of time you spend handling tickets by 80%.

Whether it’s links or files, include relevant content in your responses and even turn that reply into knowledge base content with one click.

Organize your inbox your way

Filter your requests by status, type, assignee, requester or team, and highlight the most important tickets with priority levels. Quickly edit, reassign or delete groups of tickets in bulk.

Context is key

askSpoke brings in data from your HRIS to provide insight into the people making requests. Forms allow you to automatically send follow-up questions, so you have all the details you need, when you need them.

Just askSpoke

Whether it’s a simple question or complex service request, askSpoke lets employees ask for help naturally, without forcing them to “file a ticket.” No more hard-to-find systems, clunky forms, or long response times.

Instead, they can easily ask for what they need wherever they’re already working—be it Slack, email, SMS or our web interface. If askSpoke knows the answer, it’ll offer it on the spot, and if it’s a service request, askSpoke will find the right team & person to help.

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Everything your team needs


Distribute new issues evenly with round robin or assign requests to a specific team member, and take people out of rotation anytime.

Work as a team

Share private notes between select team members without notifying end users. Loop in the right people with simple @mentions.

No request left behind

Team Goals help encourage your team to get back to people in a timely manner. Unassigned request notifications help make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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See how you measure up

Spoke’s in-app analytics make it easy to track team performance with helpful data like average resolution and response times, the number of open vs closed requests, and how many requests were automatically resolved.

“StockX grew exponentially, and had to handle team members’ requests efficiently. askSpoke’s ticketing system was a home run. It required minimal setup and worked with our existing systems. askSpoke had knowledge base features built in. In months, askSpoke was auto-closing 35% of our tickets. askSpoke spent time to build the relationship, and found new ways to meet our needs.”

TJ Swoveland, System Administrator

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Comprehensive internal request management

Integrations with Slack, Google, Confluence, and more

Response rates up to 80% faster

Happier employees!

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