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Heidi Armstrong
Stevie Burnich

At Scoot, the HR & Facilities team found themselves dealing with constant employee requests. After switching to Spoke’s simple and intuitive ticketing system, the team recovered hours of lost time each week and gained deeper insights into the needs of Scoot employees. Spoke’s Slack integration, self-service ticketing, and exceptional customer support have made Spoke an indispensable part of the company’s workflow.

“Electric vehicles for everyone” is the motto of rising startup Scoot. With offices in San Francisco and Barcelona, Scoot aims to disrupt the transportation industry by providing on-demand electric scooters and bicycles for urban dwellers. The ultimate goal? To completely transform urban transportation and make cities quieter, safer, and more fun.

The Challenge

HR & Facilities manager Heidi Armstrong meets the needs of Scoot’s employees on two continents, which is no simple task. One of Heidi’s most acute problems was having to answer the same simple questions, over and over. Employees would reach out to Heidi over email, on Slack, or just show up at her desk unannounced. “For the most part, I would try to solve whatever the issue was on the spot, which was really disruptive to my day,” Heidi says.

Scoot had a number of informational resources available for employees, but there was no centralized location to easily access this information. Instead, documents were scattered among Google Drive, Google Sites, and a variety of apps used by different departments.

Heidi hired Office Manager Stevie Burnich to assist with the requests, but they still struggled with hours of manual activity each week. And with a nine hour time difference between the two offices, requests were coming in non-stop.  Heidi and Stevie realized that in order to truly solve this problem, they would need a simple ticketing system that could organize and manage employee requests automatically.

After signing up for a free trial of Spoke, it was clear that Spoke’s machine learning and intuitive ticketing system would completely transform the way Scoot handled employee requests. The VP of Finance quickly approved the purchase after seeing the value of Spoke firsthand.

Smooth onboarding and incredible support

“Of our criteria, the biggest was: Could we see our needs being met without having to do a lot of tech and implementation work?” Stevie shares. In the case of Spoke, the answer was a resounding yes.

Spoke’s intuitive and simple design made adoption a breeze. Plus, as part of every account, Spoke provides a comprehensive onboarding experience. The Spoke Customer Success team not only helped train Scoot employees, but also provided extra materials to increase company-wide adoption. “We got some really great promotional materials from the Customer Success team at Spoke. We got the little chocolate bars, folding table cards for our desks, a bunch of posters to put up in the office,” Stevie says.

“Implementation was so easy! Everyone was very quick to adopt Spoke.

Instant response, anywhere in the world

One of Spoke’s most powerful features is the self-service resolution of employee requests. Powered by machine learning, Spoke can automatically resolve up to 50% of tickets instantly. Suddenly, Heidi and Stevie no longer had to deal with the deluge of simple, repetitive questions. Instead, Spoke would reply with the correct knowledge base article or resource, any time of day.

And as a company with offices in two hemispheres, the ability to get immediate help was incredibly powerful for the Scoot team. “Even if you’re in our Barcelona office, it’ll be super useful for you because you can have that information now, as opposed to having to wait until I get out of bed. It’s great that our employees can still get answers right away in spite of operating across multiple time zones,” Stevie says.

Saving hours per week with Spoke

The most exciting (and measurable) benefit of implementing Spoke has been the time that Heidi and Stevie save each week. In addition to answering one-off requests, Spoke has had a dramatic impact on all aspects of the employee experience. Booking travel, ordering groceries, and onboarding new employees have all become easier and more efficient with Spoke.

Heidi says, “New hires always have the same set of five or ten questions that they ask, so all of a sudden that’s 25-45 minutes of real time I get back.” In all, Heidi estimates she saves nearly a day a week with the help of Spoke.

“The most alluring thing to us was we would never have to answer the same question again

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