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Heidi Armstrong
Stevie Burnich

The People team at Scoot suffered from a glut of responsibilities and repetitive employee questions. They recruited Spoke to help them manage requests and sped up processes including onboarding, booking travel, ordering supplies, and more.

Heidi Armstrong, who manages HR and Facilities at startup Scoot, describes what managing employee requests looked like before Spoke:

“It was really frustrating having to answer the same repetitive questions over and over again. It was taking up a ton of my time and it was distracting me from work.”

“They came in from all over the place. Over email, over Slack. People would just drop by my desk to ask me, What’s the Wi-Fi password for guests? or How do I get somebody on the distribution list? … those kinds of things.”

“For the most part, I would try to solve whatever the issue was on the spot, which was really disruptive to my day.”

Stevie, the Office Manager at Scoot, adds, “It would involve someone walking by my desk and asking something in passing and then me having to remember to jot something down. A lot of quick Slack requests like, Hey, can we get more almond butter? or Where can I find information about benefits? or I need to book flights. In Slack, the requests just got buried under the miles and miles of other messages I got.”

The company had documented resources for answering a lot of these questions, but they were scattered across the organization in different apps that employees tended to ignore.

As Stevie puts it, “There was no centralized location for our employee resources. A lot of stuff was in Google Drive. A lot of the information was kept in Heidi’s head, as well. We had Google Sites, which was like a company intranet, but it was seldom looked at. And it was difficult for people find the information there. So, instead, they’d just get the information from Heidi.”

“Heidi was doing so many things at once that some requests were falling by the wayside. So, first, she hired me to help out. And then she thought, Maybe we could use some sort of tool or ticketing system to organize all the requests that come in.”

But given their demanding workloads, any type of solution they adopted to organize and manage employee requests had to be dead-simple to implement.

“Of our criteria, the biggest was: Could we see our needs being met through without us having to do a lot of tech and implementation work to get there?”

Finding an easy-to-implement solution for managing requests

So when Heidi came across Spoke, she said, “This looks like just the solution we’re looking for. Implementation was so easy. Everybody was very quick to adopt it. We talked it up to get people excited because we genuinely like believed in it and thought it was going to give us back a lot of time, and it ended up doing just that.”

In addition to implementation, getting buy-in for Spoke from purchase approvers turned out to be easy, too.

“The VP of Finance holds the purse strings. Showing her the value was easy because of the free trial period. We were able to see its value and that it was going to be worth the time. The most alluring thing to us was we would never have to answer the same question again, because we were getting a ton of repetitive questions.”

Stevie spoke more about how they successfully drove adoption of Spoke at Scoot:

“In addition to saying things like, If you’re tired of asking what the Wi-Fi password is, here’s another way to ask, we got some really great promotional materials from the Customer Success team at Spoke. We got the little chocolate bars, folding table cards for our desks, a bunch of posters to put up in the office.”

“Even if you’re in our Barcelona office, it’ll be super useful for you because you can have that information now as opposed to having to wait until I get out of bed. It’s great that our employees can still get answers right away in spite of operating across multiple time zones.”

Saving time and getting organized with Spoke

Has Spoke lived up to the faith that Heidi and Stevie put in it?

According to Stevie, “It’s really amazing. At first I was like, I don’t need another app. We already have too many things to keep track of. But this one is become really useful or me personally and for a lot of people on our team.”

“It’s a huge time saver. I don’t need to answer a question 20 times, like when people are wondering, Do we have Presidents Day off?

“Spoke saves me at least of couple hours out of my week, and allows me to stay more organized.

For Heidi, the time savings have added up to “between three and five hours a week.”

Those savings come from Spoke making workflows like onboarding, travel booking, and ordering groceries more efficient.

Heidi says, “New hires always have the same set of five or ten questions that they ask, so all of a sudden that’s 25-45 minutes of real time I get back.”

Stevie adds, “It helped us streamline the way we book travel for people, which is great.

In addition to getting time back to get more things done, Spoke has helped Heidi and Stevie become more organized and effective at tackling their many responsibilities.

According to Stevie, “Having a ticketing system is really helpful; I don’t actually have to organize myself, because there’s something doing it for me.”

“I can sort things by priority. And if there’s something that needs to happen urgently I get a notification immediately.”  

Spoke has even started to feel like another member of the team.

Stevie explains, “Sometimes we’ll be joking on Slack and just say, Well, I don’t know maybe we should ask Spoke! And then getting Spoke involved in those channels. Our team has a lot of fun with it.”

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