How charity: water’s People & Culture team cut down interruptions and increased productivity using askSpoke




Jordan Hunter
Office Experience Manager

Jordan Hunter is the Office Experience Manager for the People & Culture team at charity: water. Since switching to askSpoke’s AI-powered ticketing system, employee self-service has taken off, dramatically improving productivity and providing the People & Culture team with deeper insights into employee needs.

A groundbreaking non-profit organization, charity: water has funded clean water projects for over 8.2 million people around the world. The New York-based initiative stands out among giving organizations for its complete transparency and accountability, giving 100% of its donations to water projects.

Internally, charity:water is committed to making their employees feel welcome and supported. To achieve this goal, the People & Culture team handles all aspects of the day-to-day employee experience, including HR, payroll, benefits, and office management.

The Challenge

Jordan Hunter, the Office Experience Manager for People & Culture, shared that her team had become bogged down in employee questions and requests. The People & Culture team attempted to consolidate their FAQs in Google Drive documents, but found significant obstacles in getting employee buy-in.

First, the sheer amount of information made it impossible to easily navigate the documents. Second, finding an answer required using exact keywords, which were often written in department-related jargon. As a result, employees didn’t use the Google Drive documents and continued to ping the support team with requests both in-person and via Slack.

“Our goal was a way for staff to get those quick answers and for us to be out of the picture for those things. We could answer ourselves, but if the answer was someplace employees could help themselves, that would be significantly better,” Jordan explains.

After seeing askSpoke in action at an industry event, Jordan knew that askSpoke’s self-service functionality, seamless Slack integration, and attentive customer support would make a massive impact in improving the employee request experience. Like all non-profits, charity: water also enjoyed a special discount on askSpoke’s normal pricing.

“When I showed askSpoke to my team, some of the comments were, ‘I didn’t know something like this could exist’ and ‘How does this AI work, this is amazing!’”

Increasing efficiency for the entire team

After implementing askSpoke, Jordan and the team immediately saw a reduction in simple employee requests. Instead of manually searching Google Drive, charity:water employees could askSpoke a question and immediately receive the correct answer.

Suddenly, the Google Drive documents became useful again. An employee could ask a question in colloquial speech, without using any jargon or keywords, and askSpoke’s machine learning could understand the request and deliver the appropriate resource. askSpoke could find a health insurance portal, payroll information, or time-off policy instantly.

Auto-resolving employee tickets meant that Jordan’s team could focus on more long-term initiatives without losing momentum. Jordan, in particular, experienced a massive shift in her productivity.

“People are being helped by askSpoke and we’re not even involved in the process most of the time. I’m able to be more productive because I’m not answering those one-off questions. It’s given me time back in my day. I’d say at least two hours a week. It’s been so great not getting interrupted or having to switch gears so much,” Jordan says.

Transforming the company, one Slack channel at a time

One of the keys in creating buy-in among charity:water employees was showing how easily askSpoke would incorporate in their workday. In particular, the Slack integration proved to be a major factor in making a smooth transition to askSpoke. Unlike legacy ticketing systems, which require significant customization and workarounds to function, askSpoke has been designed to seamlessly work with Slack from day one.

In addition to Slack, askSpoke users can instantly get their questions answered via email, SMS, or in askSpoke’s own web app. askSpoke combines all of these channels into a single, easy-to-use interface to organize and manage requests.

“It’s very intuitive to use. The integration with Slack is huge.”

Gaining deeper insight into employee needs

Not only has askSpoke increased employee self-service and reduced the frequency of interruptions plaguing the People & Culture team, it’s had some unexpected benefits, as well. Using askSpoke has given Jordan insights into the patterns of questions and requests her team receives, helping her identify new ways to improve the employee experience.

“As an admin, I’m looking at all these requests and asking:why do people keep asking questions about this particular thing? We need to be better at communicating that,” Jordan says.

askSpoke has been so successful at charity:water that Jordan’s team has made introducing askSpoke part of the new employee onboarding process. The excitement has spread to other teams in the organization, who are seeing similar successes in their workdays. “Our finance team is excited about askSpoke because they’re often pinged with questions like, ‘What is this process, again?’ or ‘How do I get reimbursed?’ That’s all in askSpoke now,” Jordan says.

Spoke’s helpful Customer Success team has made company-wide adoption easy. Whether it’s helping seed a new team’s knowledge base with questions, training new users, or being available to answer questions, the askSpoke team is committed to supporting all aspects of the client experience.

“I feel like I can email my askSpoke customer success manager, Riciel, with anything at any time.”

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