How Spoke helped ALMACO reduce internal IT ticket resolution time by 80%




Agriculture manufacturing
Joe Russell
IT Manager

ALMACO, a global agricultural manufacturer, reduced ticket times by an incredible 80% after switching to Spoke from their legacy ticketing system. Joe Russell, ALMACO’s IT manager, credits Spoke’s self-service and intelligent ticket routing with saving him hours each week in busywork.

As one of the top manufacturers in the agriculture industry, ALMACO has become known worldwide for their innovations in planting, harvesting, and seed processing systems. The Iowa-based company has offices in multiple countries to handle the logistics and sales of their equipment. To keep this complex system running, ALMACO’s globally distributed workforce relies upon Joe Russell, the company’s IT manager—and Joe relies on Spoke.

The Challenge

Joe was tasked with supporting the company’s large employee base using only two tools: his email inbox and a legacy ticketing system that had come free with their asset management software.

Submitting employee tickets was a tedious, time-consuming affair which required multiple emails and manual input to accomplish even the smallest tasks. Joe attempted to create a self-service knowledge base using SharePoint (a Microsoft collaboration tool), but no one used it and it was difficult to maintain. Needless to say, Joe and the rest of the ALMACO team had become frustrated with their ticketing process.

After enjoying a free trial of Spoke, Joe soon realized that Spoke’s intuitive and user-friendly solution proved to be the perfect fit for ALMACO’s needs. Spoke’s employee self-service functionality meant that ALMACO team members could get their questions answered instantly, no matter what time zone they were in. Moreover, Spoke’s multi-channel support would dramatically simplify the request process.

“It has closed a good number of tickets for us already without me even having to touch them. That’s time that I reinvest in one of our other projects that’s a higher priority.”

Faster responses, happier employees

As the single point of contact for all employees, Joe immediately saw the benefit of Spoke’s AI-powered self-service. Gone were the days of long waits and manual data entry for simple requests. Now, Spoke instantly delivers the appropriate resource without any human intervention.

“It has closed a good number of tickets for us already without me even having to touch them. That’s time that I reinvest into one of our other projects that’s a higher priority,” Joe explains.

As an added benefit, ALMACO employees no longer had to navigate an antiquated and complex ticketing system. Employees with a question could simply email the help desk and get an immediate response. Team members could also interact with Spoke using Slack, SMS, or Spoke’s own web app.

Employees report being much happier with the new process. Across the board, they would rather ask Spoke for answers than manually search their old SharePoint knowledge base.

“It’s definitely made things easier for me to keep a track on what’s going on because I can see everything in one place. ”

Reducing ticket times by 80% with Spoke

Spoke’s machine learning even streamlines the process for more complicated requests. By intelligently routing tickets to team members and instantly updating the knowledge base with new answers, Spoke ensures that employees always receive the most current information.

“It’s a lot quicker for me to close a ticket, attaching a knowledge base article or whatever I need to do and be done with it. I just click a checkmark to resolve a ticket, and that’s it,” Joe shares.

Before using Spoke, it would take Joe five minutes to deal with a ticket. Now, Joe spends an average of a minute or two to resolve each ticket, saving upwards of 30 minutes each day. Spoke. Joe had the added benefit of eliminating distraction from constantly switching tasks.

Spoke’s Customer Success team has also been a tremendous resource in reducing Joe’s workload. They frequently reach out to Joe to offer suggestions on how to improve ALAMCO’s knowledge base and increase Spoke’s auto-resolution rate.


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