What questions do we bombard HR and IT with the most?

AI has the answer.

We’ve all been there: in between meetings, in a rush, forgot something, and instead of trying to dig into it ourselves — we run over to an innocent bystander on the HR or IT team and plead for help. Of course our friendly colleagues help every time, but deep down we fear they are plotting revenge!

So what are the questions HR, IT, and support teams get the most often every day? Thanks to Spoke, we have rare insights into the answer; the San Francisco-based SaaS company uses AI and ML to understand the intent of employee requests across Slack, email, SMS, and the browser.

Here are the most frequently-asked in 2019 so far.  

1) What is the wifi-password? Can’t really work without it.

2) Help me with the printer? We’re still printing stuff in 2019?? 

3) What’s our office address? It might be a better use of company resources to just Google this one, folks.

4) What are the 2019 office holidays? When is President’s Day? What even is President’s Day?

5) What can you help me with? Dear robots, please help us. Sincerely, the humans.

6) How can I reset my password? Probably by clicking “reset my password.”

7) When will I get paid? Isn’t this more important than the printer?

8) How do I VPN? Good luck with that. 

9) Can I get the company logos? Good to see design getting some love. 

10) Help me with Zoom? The only company to make the list!

It’s interesting to note how so many questions we ask are rather simple. No mentions of more nuanced issues like life insurance, maternity leaves, or even dealing with a terrible boss. So next time you feel compelled to interrupt a busy HR or IT professional with an easy question, remember: there’s AI for that

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