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New: 3 powerful enhancements to our Slack integration

Last month, we released a significant update to our Slack experience with threaded replies. The feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive: faster employee responses, a way to reply while on-the-go using the Slack mobile app, and in general, a more on-demand experience.

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve continued to build on that momentum with 3 new updates to our Slack integration!

  1. Forms are now available in Slack!
  2. Our Action (Ask Spoke) got a huge facelift: now you can search the KB from any Slack message
  3. Two slash commands this week: /spoke to search and file and /spoke file for a super fast direct path to filing a new request.

Forms in Slack

Users can now fill out forms directly in Slack!

Using Spoke’s request types, teams can automatically send out forms to collect necessary user information! Slack allows you to display up to 10 questions (free form text or select). These forms can also be completed and edited at any time from Slack or the Spoke app. Request types and forms are available on Spoke’s standard plan.

Ask Spoke Action

Use Spoke’s Slack action when users forget to @Spoke and instead DM you or message into a channel! We’ll search the knowledge base and also allow users to file a request.

Our first app action got a lot of love for being a safety net when team members were DM’d for help. We’ve now given it a major upgrade: when a Slack message is sent to Spoke via the Ask Spoke action, we’ll search your knowledge base and return any relevant resources, and give you an option to file a request if the resource didn’t help. You can also make changes to the request before filing, to ensure private requests are private, or assign to a specific user. Next time you see someone asking something in channel that you know Spoke can handle, you can help them out by taking this Action!

Slash commands

Finally, for our power users, two slash commands:

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