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Chrome extension

We strive to make Spoke work seamlessly with other tools you use on a daily basis. Today, we’re excited to launch Spoke’s first Chrome extension so you can easily file requests from wherever you work. Our browser extension enables you to submit requests each time you open a new tab, rather than having to navigate to the web app or pivot to Slack. You can also directly file a request using the new request bar or one of your company’s most popular request types, and view recently added knowledge resources.

Our Chrome extension is just one of many Spoke integrations with Google applications. We currently offer Google Single Sign-on, user provisioning with G Suite, and the ability to import knowledge from Google Drive.

Submitting requests has never been more accessible in Spoke. You can easily search your internal company knowledge base right from your chrome browser. Check out the Chrome Webstore to install and let us know what you think!

Desktop app

Sometimes being on the web brings unnecessary distractions. So, we created a desktop app that allows you to have the reach of Spoke, without even launching your browser. The app is installable and live on your Spoke home screen without the need for an app store and provides a user experience akin to that of a native app.

Rather than having to open your browser and navigate to Spoke, simply use your keyboard shortcut (command+tab; alt+tab) to choose among current open apps. You can install our desktop app natively on both Windows and MacOS via Chrome. Learn more here!

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