Why We Raised $28M to Fix Workplace Requests

Last year we set out to improve how teams within a company share information and manage workplace requests.

Today we’re announcing that we’ve raised two rounds of funding totaling $28M in investment.

Accel led an $8M Series A round that included Felicis Ventures, Webb Investment Network, Index Ventures, Spider Capital, Red Dog Capital, and a few individual investors, and Greylock led a $20M Series B, joined by Accel, Felicis Ventures, and Webb Investment Network.

The promise of Spoke

Think about how much more rewarding your job would be if you didn’t have to keep answering repetitive questions and could focus your time on the big, impactful, creative stuff. And if your colleagues could get the information and support they need—when they need it—to stay happy and productive at work.

In a nutshell, that’s the promise of Spoke.

The state of workplace requests

Common workplace requests

Employees have clear (and often simple) requests for information or help from other teams in the company, yet they deal with all sorts of obstacles in getting the timely support they need: Often, they don’t know who to ask or where to search for things on their own. Other times, they’re stuck dealing with a complicated ticketing system or digging through an outdated knowledge base.

Meanwhile, the teams who support these employees—typically teams like IT, HR, People Ops, Office Management, Facilities, and more—have their own set of challenges. They’re trying to do the critical work of keeping company operations running smoothly, yet they’re constantly interrupted by repetitive requests.

And the tools available to them aren’t all that helpful. Ticketing systems simply move all those repetitive requests from one platform, like Slack or email, to another (often overly-complex) platform. Keeping knowledge bases and Wikis updated is a pain, and even the best knowledge base systems get ignored by employees who’d rather ask someone a question than poke around an unfamiliar bunch of documents.

In short: whether you’re sending or receiving a request at your workplace, you’re probably not a happy camper.

A simpler, smarter way to tackle workplace requests

Ticketing and knowledge management systems alone aren’t cutting it.

We don’t want it to be a headache to get or give helpful information or support at work. We want you get what you need to focus on the rewarding stuff that moves the company forward.

We believe there are two more key ingredients to solving this information- and service-request conundrum: a design-first approach and artificial intelligence (AI).

A design-first approach

Nobody wants to use software that’s overly complex, difficult to learn, or hard to find—and a ticketing or knowledge management system doesn’t have much value if no one’s using it. We’ve designed Spoke to be simple and delightful for everyone. Requests are organized by threads and treated as simple conversations. Employees can file requests where they already do their work (like Slack, email, and SMS), because asking for help should be fast and convenient. And to top it off, we leverage the latest in machine learning and AI to make Spoke smart — because the smarter Spoke gets, the less work you have to do.

Artificial intelligence

Our use of AI means employees can ask the friendly Spoke bot natural-language questions over Slack, email, SMS, and more and immediately get the information they need. Spoke can intelligently route service requests to the right team; you no longer have to wonder who to ask. It means Spoke can automatically identify outdated cruft in the knowledge base, saving support teams the effort and providing employees with only fresh, up-to-date information. And it means Spoke gets even smarter the more you use it, saving even more time and frustration over the long-run.

By combining the best of ticketing, knowledge management, design, and AI, Spoke can become the information and service backbone of the modern workplace.

Sound interesting?

If any of the challenges described here sound familiar to you, we’d love for you to test-drive Spoke.

We’re currently in an early-access period; you can sign up for the waiting list on our home page. (We invite new batches of companies to join every week!)

Spoke is now widely available to IT, HR, and all other employee support teams.

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We couldn’t do this without you

Thank you to our early adopters for all the invaluable insights and generous contributions of your time. Without you, we couldn’t continue to make Spoke better and more helpful.

Thank you to the amazing Spoke team for your collaborative spirit, thoughtfulness, and gusto. The founding team of David Kaneda, Pratyus Patnaik, and myself is thrilled and couldn’t be more proud that this is the team that’s setting the tone for all of the Spokers to come.

Thank you to our wonderful investors. We couldn’t ask for better partners. Our principal investors, Jerry Chen at Greylock and Vas Natarajan at Accel, are long-time advisors of ours who always add tremendous value and critical insight.

And thank you for your interest in Spoke. This is just the first step, and we’re excited to share with you what’s coming next.

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