Effortless user management with SCIM

User provisioning and deprovisioning is a pretty big headache for growing companies. Appropriate and uninterrupted access to apps like Spoke is especially important, so employees don’t get stuck figuring out how to get the help they need at work. To help with this, we announced SAML support a year ago, providing single sign-on (SSO) for any identity provider (IdP) you need—like Okta, OneLogin, and GSuite.

Today, we’re excited to expand our SSO offering with SCIM 2.0 support. With SCIM enabled, new hires are automatically added to Spoke and inactive employees are removed—avoiding the usual manual tasks required to on-board and off-board employees. Better still, SCIM fits perfectly with our growing set of features like employee profiles, such as resource visibility. Not only will users be automatically added or removed from your IdP, but attributes like employment status, job title, and location will be synced automatically as well.

SCIM is available on our Plus plan and is one more step in making it easier for you to deliver a fantastic employee experience across your company. As always, we’d love to chat if you have any questions.

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