Introducing the new askSpoke brand

I’m very excited to announce the release of our new logo and brand today which we believe embodies how we see askSpoke: Simple, friendly, and professional.

Why the change?

There are actually a lot of things we loved about the previous logo mark. It’s definitely friendly! It also didn’t feel like traditional workplace software, and worked great as an avatar for when people chatted with our bot in Slack.

That said, there were a few things we wanted to change. First, the previous logo focused a bit too much on the chat aspect of our platform. While we’re designing askSpoke from the ground up to support chat in a rich, native way, askSpoke offers a wide array of features for managing requests and knowledge, and we felt the previous logo may was boxing us in as a chat bot.

The goal was to maintain askSpoke’s unique and friendly feel, while updating the logo to be more mature and portray a wider range of functionality, beyond our chat integrations. Conversely, we also wanted to make sure the mark (even if abstract), still felt welcoming to chat with.

The mark

We knew we wanted the new mark to abstractly represent various teams within a company working together. Visually, we were inspired by the idea of a speaker grill—particularly that found in older intercoms and radios:

Photo of a Braun radio

Ultimately though, as we explored different concepts, people saw different things: Some people said it felt like an atom, some said a globe. We actually embraced the various interpretations—it reminded us of this great quote which our design partner, Focus Lab, sent at the beginning of the project, from Pentagram partner Michael Bierut:

When we look at a well-known logo, what we perceive isn’t just a word or an image or an abstract form, but a world of associations that have accrued over time. As a result, people forget that a brand new logo seldom means a thing. It is an empty vessel awaiting the meaning that will be poured into it by history and experience. The best thing a designer can do is make that vessel the right shape for what it’s going to hold.

To pair with the new mark, the logotype is a modified version of Verlag, from Hoefler & Co., which we love for its simplicity, friendliness, and design-forward feel.

Photo of swag with new branding

We’re thrilled with how everything turned out and believe this logo is the “right shape” for all of the great things we have planned for 2019 and beyond. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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