New in Spoke: Turn any Slack message into a request

One of the most magical things about Spoke is how easy it is to use alongside tools like Slack. People love the convenience of making requests directly by DM’ing Spoke, or @mentioning Spoke in a channel. But let’s be honest: some people continue to throw their question in #general or DM you directly, where it risks becoming lost in the fray. And nobody likes nagging others to file support requests.

Helping you, help them

Because of this, we’ve added the ability for you to turn any message (whether DM or in channel) into a Spoke request using Slack’s new app actions. Now, you can make sure all your requests are managed in the same place, and it’s a great way to show coworkers how easy it is to use Spoke.

GIF of using our new app action in Slack

App actions are tucked behind the “…” menu next to any Slack message. The first time you use it, search for “File a request” under “more message actions”

“It just works”

As with most features in Spoke, we took a few extra steps when designing the “File a request” action to ensure a simple, delightful experience:

Screenshot showing ability to invite users on the fly while using our app action

Easily invite new users when they Slack in a question or request

This is just the latest improvement we’ve made to the Spoke experience in Slack based on customer feedback. We’d love to hear from you — what’s one thing we can do to make managing requests easier and give you time back in your day?

If you find yourself overwhelmed with responding to repetitive requests, or worry about losing a myriad of asks across Slack, email and walk-bys, we’d love to show you how Spoke can help! We can give you 20% of your week back, and engage your coworkers with a delightful, human-centric experience.

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