New in Spoke: Turn any Slack message into a request

One of the most magical things about Spoke is how easy it is to use alongside tools like Slack. People love the convenience of making requests directly by DM’ing Spoke, or @mentioning Spoke in a channel. But let’s be honest: some people continue to throw their question in #general or DM you directly, where it risks becoming lost in the fray. And nobody likes nagging others to file support requests.

Knowledge Management 2.0.: Using AI to Knock Down Silos and Unlock Productivity

Half of our modern economy is built on knowledge workers and knowledge-based work.

But “knowledge management” as a concept carries a lot of baggage. When people in companies bother to think of it at all, it brings to mind menial, thankless tasks like updating the company wiki.

And, wow. What a disservice that perception does to a company’s opportunities for success.

How Every Team in the Company Finds Productivity Bliss with Spoke

One of your coworkers has a question.

Maybe she’s having trouble connecting to the printer. Or she’s looking for a high-resolution logo. Or needs to learn about your company’s maternity leave policy.

How should she get her question answered? Whom should she ask?

Employee Onboarding Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

Every company wants the best possible talent.

They build elaborate and expensive recruitment strategies. They invest in lavish perks and benefits to attract and then keep people around.

But many companies seem to overlook linchpin that can bridge the promises of recruitment to the likelihood of high employee engagement and retention—employee onboarding.

No One’s Using Your Google Drive Knowledge Base? Read This.

Here at Spoke, we’ve spoken to people at many, many companies who at some point decided to use Google Drive as a knowledge base.

And from almost every one of those people, we’ve heard almost the exact same thing:

“We spent a lot of time creating and organizing documents in Google Drive so people could help themselves to useful information, but nobody uses it!

21 Ways AI Is Transforming the Workplace in 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a boon to modern workforces.

AI can handle mundane and repetitive tasks across the organization, freeing up people in HR, IT, marketing, and more to exercise creativity, solve complex problems, and otherwise focus on getting impactful work done.

Avoiding Knowledge Silos: The 4 Best Practices for Your Business

Knowledge silos are a natural outcome of the way we’ve structured work.

Employees generally advance their careers within organizational verticals (like IT, HR, or Sales), building subject-matter expertise as they go. Horizontal career progression across different teams isn’t really a thing.

That’s part of why so many organizations have verticals (or teams) outside of which useful information just isn’t shared. Effective cross-team sharing of knowledge and information just isn’t built-in to the way many companies operate. And that results in avoidable losses in innovation, efficiency, and profitability.

9 Service Desk Automation Ideas That Boost Performance And Quality

Modern support automation tools demonstrably improve customer service. They give people tools to fix their own problems, leading to faster resolutions. They keep customers up-to-date on the status of their requests and let support teams pay more personal attention to complex problems.

7 Unexpected Benefits of Implementing Automation in the Workplace

Automation–especially in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies–is set to have major impacts on the modern workplace. Many of those impacts are positive. The results of a 2017 survey showed that nearly half of all companies using automation felt the technology “either transformed or had a positive impact on their businesses in the last 12 months.”

Some impacts of automation can be negative—or at least perceived as negative. The biggest concern is that the adoption of automation will lead to layoffs. But the reality is that the benefits of implementing automation in the workplace far outweigh the disadvantages. And even the disadvantages are often exaggerated, better described as challenges.

Spoke 1.0: How We’re Reinventing Help Desk Software

Reinventing help desk software

Today we’re excited to announce that Spoke is open to the public. Any team can now sign up for a two week free trial.