Why we raised $28M to fix workplace requests

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Last year we set out to improve how teams within a company share information and manage workplace requests.

Today we’re announcing that we’ve raised two rounds of funding totaling $28M in investment.

Hello, World!

Welcome to the Spoke blog!

We built Spoke to make life easier for the office heroes who juggle a lot of different responsibilities to keep the office running smoothly and employees happy and productive.

Sadly, these folks don’t often get a lot of the recognition and appreciation that they deserve.

Introducing officekit: A curated set of tools to keep your office running smoothly

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For the unsung heroes and heroines of every office, we’ve created a helpful list of tools to help you manage your day. We believe the tools you use should make it easier for you to manage all the tasks you’re doing at once, like answering internal questions, fulfilling office requests, keeping the kitchen stocked, and more. While you know these tools must exist, there’s no easy way for you to find the very best ones — until now.