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Resolve employee requests 5x faster

askSpoke is the only workplace service desk with intuitive ticketing built from the ground up
to work in Slack and with AI weaved end-to-end.

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Built for today’s dispersed workplace

Usability in every task. Speed in every action. Visibility of every workflow.

Modern workplace service desk

A complete service desk solution to deliver better internal support faster, at scale.

An effortless internal ticketing alternative

“askSpoke worked flawlessly from the beginning and no training was needed for employees – they just ‘got it’ and we saw responses back like ‘love this”

Emily Volberding

Employee Experience

83% of Handshake’s requests are funneled from Slack

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“askSpoke automatically triages 96% of service tickets to the right team while giving the user visibility of who will be helping them, without any manual work by the agent.”

Joey Douwaithe

Employee Technology Manager

96% of Root’s service tickets auto-triaged to the right team

“It’s really easy to roll out askSpoke to other teams so that anyone can provide support to their internal customers without the headaches of a long training or building out complicated workflows”

Brian Chui

Head of Information Technology

65% of Mapbox’s tickets automatically routed across 16 teams with 95% accuracy

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“...legacy ticketing systems become a burden. Since launching askSpoke, we’ve developed such a high level of Customer Service here in the IT department, that our standard is set much higher than many other applications would allow us to give.”

Peter Hadjisavas

IT Manager at Honey, a PayPal company

95% of requests come from Slack
76% of ticket handling tasks triggered automatically

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Efficient enterprise internal support

Better internal support is done fast in askSpoke, the service desk command center for modern enterprises. Where askSpoke is your complete ticketing solution or elevates your existing ITSM system with automation and chat, agents get more done from within tickets and users get what they need when they need it.

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of tickets auto-resolved


auto-triaged to the right team


auto-classification accuracy

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Deliver better internal support faster

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