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Increase employee engagement

Give your colleagues the ability to ask questions and receive answers across multiple channels — Slack, email, web browser, SMS, and more. Employees don’t have to use tools they aren’t familiar with, increasing engagement and helping your company resolve more requests.

Respond to repetitive questions with AI

Tired of answering “What’s the WiFi password?” Spoke auto-resolves more than 40% of requests using AI, and the more you use Spoke, the smarter the machine learning gets. When you don’t need to worry about answering the same FAQ over and over again, you and your team can focus on more important tasks.

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Improve productivity

Spoke’s powerful and intuitive ticketing system, integrated knowledge base, and automated workflows help you to fly through requests. Review, assign, and resolve tickets quickly – and view analytics to see how well you and your team are performing.

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Launch and grow with Spoke

Our dynamic customer success team is here to help you the entire way.

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“StockX has to handle team members’ requests efficiently. Spoke’s ticketing system requires minimal setup and works with our existing systems. Spoke had knowledge base features built in. In months, Spoke was auto-closing 35% of our tickets. Spoke consistently finds new ways to meet our needs.”

TJ Swoveland, System Administrator

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