A complete solution for every internal support team

Spoke gives the support teams in your organization a single place to manage employee requests. It has everything you need to keep employees happy and productive, including ticketing, knowledge management, and self-service powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.). All in a tightly-integrated package that sets new standards for simplicity and ease-of-use.

Meet your automated help desk assistant

Get a lot of repetitive questions?

Spoke’s friendly chatbot uses A.I. to automatically respond to questions on Slack, email, SMS, and web. The more your employees use it, the smarter and more helpful it gets.

Employees get the info they need, quickly and easily. And you get interruption-free time to get things done.

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Get organized with ticketing—no PhD required

Other, “traditional” ticketing systems are complex. Your employees avoid them, and they make your job too complicated.

Spoke’s streamlined approach to ticketing gives you everything you need to manage employee requests, and nothing you don’t. It’s easy to set up and use, and keeps requests organized in one place for all of your support teams.

Simplify your knowledge management

Spoke’s knowledge base keeps track of all types of useful information, no matter where it’s buried across the company.

And there’s no need to set aside special time to document all the stuff trapped in your brain: It’s easy to add to the knowledge base as you answer employee questions.


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New employee handbook + some basic things like vacation days

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“I’m responsible for answering T1 requests, but also for our security posture, long-term planning, and budgetary process. Spoke allows me spend time focusing on those projects without getting constantly pinged with little requests. It’s almost eliminated those small interruptions. And it’s given me peace of mind that people are asking Spoke and getting what they need.”

Ryan, IT Manager
First Round Capital

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